The Pros and Cons to having a BOS website or blog.

January 19, 2009

First, I’d like to notate that the following statements are my personal opinion. Lash out if you want, but an opinion is just that. No one else is responsible for these words except me.

I contemplated broadcasting my BOS online or not for a long time. I am still thinking about it, which is why I am compiling this list. This list may be edited over time. Every action has a negative and positive outcome. Lets get the positive out first.
1. Lets say you’re compiling a purification spell and you get stuck. Writers block. Isn’t that just the luck for ya? You go online and see that someone has written a spell for purification, and you see the piece you’re missing. Creating the online BOS can help you not only with your inspiration, but others’ too. Thats (partially) why we do it right?
2. Of course, you are proud of who you are, as a witch, as a human, and all that. Posting your BOS and seeing the views get higher is a personal ego boost. Yay, people are reading it! Im helping, and all that. Always a good feeling.
3. If you would like to add, change or delete anything, it’s a snap! I am a big believer in spell check too.
4. We are human. Things may be taken out of context, or may just be typed in wrong. It happens to the best of us, and the internet brings us exposure to people who will try and help us learn. Never a bad thing, as long as the criticism is of course constructive.

Ok, now there are some faults that I have seen with blog BOS’ today. Gotta write em out, sorry.
1. Whatever happened to “To Be Silent”? I guess you know what you are doing when you post it, and I trust you do, but one of the most important Wiccan laws is the Witches Pyramid. One of those laws is To Be Silent. Not only will your magick that is in process lose power, but you can diffuse your own popularity by bragging and boasting feats. Not every blog does this but I have seen some where other people are being demeaned and the owner puts themselves on some sort of pedastool that seems to float on hot air. Be yourself, but know your place and know when to listen not talk.
2. When people read books or read blogs, especially new ones (god bless em lol) they seem to think, oh ok this is the way i do this. I know this because I was a new one once. A long time ago, but still. Posting the spells and knowledge run the risk of people saying this is how this is and using that knowledge to demean others and say Im so smart blah blah u dont know anything. Thus, of course, making an ass out of themselves in the end.
3. Depending on the spell(s) and essays you post, you may be sending out the wrong message. Take a long hard look at what you’re writing. If you think that you mean all of what you say, post it. But if someone comes around to your page, you may be their only Wiccan representation of truth that they know. When you send it out, there are consequences. You alone are responsible for what you think, and that is the same for what you blog.
4. As time progresses, you may have some people emailing you for answers to certain questions. Good right? Yes, in some contexts. However, you may have people who expect you to not only help them, they want you to whip up a spell or something simlilar to help them with the problem in question. You don’t have all the answers. No one does, at least, as long as they are stuck in this plane lol.

So, my decision is yes, I am going to post a BOS online, with a Q&A section, but my words are only mine; they do not speak for the whole Wiccan community. They dont even speak for my best friend.

The spells I post will be for the newbies. Why? I am proud of them, and it helps my creativity. However, the serious ones, like love spells, even retribution, should be left to the serious who know enough to handle the reprocussions.

If you need advice, I will have a place there for that as well.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

Love and Light,

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One Response to “The Pros and Cons to having a BOS website or blog.”

  1. Garnet said

    Excellent post. These are thoughts that I’ve had to develop answers to for my BoS blog. One of the rewarding (and difficult) aspects of its maintenance has been dealing with people taking my spells verbatim (luckily they often comment with great questions for me to clarify). I also get emails begging for specific spell help, which I’m happy to answer. My strategy is to help them devise a spell by offering suggestions or resources – I don’t write spells for other people individually.

    The reason why I started my BoS blog was to meet others of a like mind and to help seekers. Sure it’s bold because by exposing thoughts & practices you make yourself vulnerable, but if I get to participate in discussions such as these, it’s worth the effort.

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